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Each week of Camp Alexa consists of three classes: one on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Each is a high-intensity training session with five primary areas of focus: ball-striking, vision, balance, conditioning, and of course, fun. You can read more about our class design philosophy here.

Location and Time

All classes will be held at Colonial Park. The address is:

156 Mettlers Rd

Somerset, NJ 08873

Junior classes will be held from 3:30-6:30 pm, and adult classes from 6:30-8:30 pm.

Note: we are playing on the courts at Colonial Park itself, not those at the associated Green Knoll tennis center.


Due to limited space, we may not be able to accept everyone who signs up. You will not be charged after filling out the form below. Either Alexa or Johnny will contact you once the courts are finalized, and you’ll only pay then.

Logistics and Pricing

Each class is a two court class. The junior class has 8 students, or 4/court, while the adult class has 10 students, or 5/court. Courts may mix and play against each other, or they may not, depending on level.

The price is $440/week for juniors and $250/week for adults.

We’re offering a 50% discount for your first week. This means only $220/week for juniors and $125/week for adults to try it out. When signing up for subsequent weeks, a 20% discount will be available when paying for 2+ weeks at once.

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